At The Plumbers we offer Water Heater repairs and Water Heater installation. Whether it is a repair or new installation, we cover a wide range of water heaters including traditional tank water heaters and the modern tankless water heaters. Did you know that tankless Water Heaters conserve more energy? This makes these units much more popular and are in demand! Give us a call at 305-667-6924 to set up an appointment.

If your water is not getting hot enough or not heating at all, give The Drain Team® a call from anywhere in the Pinellas Park or Sarasota area and we’ll be there to repair the problem, usually within an hour if necessary. We service both residential and commercial water heaters, electric and tankless.

We’ll perform these services if necessary:

Call us at 305-667-6924 to book an appointment or to request immediate service in the
case of an emergency. We are equipped to handle any situation and have readily
available parts on our trucks. We are expert consultants on water heater repair in South